The Wagmi fam was flourishing on Luna when the catastrophe hit their home planet.

Monkeez, Kongz and Babies were forced to elaborate a plan to save their species and find a new planet to host them. The Wagmi scientists sent vials with a genetic experiment into the galaxy hoping that their creation would come back to save them.


The new-born WagmiBros landed on an unknown planet called Solana and tried to find help and rescue their fam on Terra. After meeting with the other species on the new planet, the Bros were confident they found the right place for their new home and starting their rescue mission.

They knew it would not be easy but their genes were programmed to make them successful.


The Wagmi family was restored and their progeny guaranteed for many years into the future. But many others did not manage to do the same. Other species were still living on the destroyed Terra planet and threatened by extinction.

The migrated community decided to share their acquired knowledge and save as many species as they could!